How Do I Contact Disney Plus Customer Service – [ANSWERED

Disney Plus is an over-the-top subscription video-on-demand service in the United States. However, your Disney Plus may become glitch sometimes, making you look for support. People often wonder how do I contact Disney Plus customer service.

The phone number you can use to get support is 1-888-905-7888. Besides this, there are other helplines to resolve technical issues and privacy matters. Another aspect of Disney Plus customer service is the corporate email address. You can send your queries to and wait for a response from the support team. Note that Disney Plus customer service is open 24/7. You can get help anytime using the different support channels.

Users can also search the Disney Plus help database and find answers to their questions themselves. In this article, we will explain to you all about contacting Disney Plus customer service.

Dial the Disney Plus Customer Service Number to Get Effective Help

The Disney Plus customer service phone number is 1-888-905-7888. You can speak to a support agent using this number. However, there will be local or international charges that you’ll need to bear.

If you have a question about Disney channel programming, dial 1-818-460-7477. This number can only be dialed by people over the age of 18. You can fix Disney Plus login issues, report a problem, or get answers to your questions about refund using this number.

Does Disney Plus Offer Chat Support?

Yes. Disney Plus does offer users the ability to chat and get answers to their issues. Currently, Disney Plus lets you talk to a Virtual Assistant and get help. The assistant can easily answer some of the most common questions.

Head over to to leverage chat support. You can ask password-related questions, and account management issues, and get solutions for Disney Plus error codes using chat support.

However, if you aren’t able to get a satisfactory answer, it’s best to connect with a support agent.

What Is the Email for Disney Plus Customer Service?

Apart from dialing the Disney Plus customer service phone number and chat, you can contact the support team by email. For general inquiries, send a message to

You will get a response from the help center representatives of Disney Plus when you send your message to this email. If you want to report a problem or give feedback, email Disney Plus at This is the corporate email address of Disney Plus. People who have privacy-related problems should email to These email addresses tackle a variety of problems faced by streamers in the US.

Use the Disney Plus Help Center

If Disney Plus is not responding but you need help, use the Disney Plus Help Center for support. Follow these points.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Disney Plus Help Center.
  2. After choosing your problem, scroll to the bottom of the next page. Use the search bar at the top to find it if it’s not one of the recommended concerns. It’s possible that you can resolve the problem without consulting an agent.
  3. Select Call Us.
  4. After giving a brief explanation of your problem, click Call Us.
  5. Give the number you see a call. If you are unable to get through to an expert, press #2 to get a callback.

What to Do When You Find Disney Plus Not Working

Disney+ may suddenly stop functioning for the following reasons:

  • Servers are unavailable
  • Your Disney Plus app is outdated
  • Your internet connection is slow
  • Disney Plus is overcrowded
  • The content you want to watch is no longer available
  • Your operating system is out of date

4 Ways to Fix Disney Plus Not Working

Use these troubleshooting techniques to resolve Disney Plus not working.

1. Turn Your Television Back On

Restarting your TV is the first step towards getting Disney Plus to function. To resolve the problem, you can soft reset your TV. Remove the plug from the socket and turn off the power to your Smart TV. After about a minute, reconnect the plug and press the TV’s power button. Data is not erased when using this Soft Reset method; menu settings are promptly restored.

2. Clear the cache and data.

Disney Plus performance will improve with the removal of data and cache.

  1. Go to Settings and press UP without clicking.
  2. When you reach the bottom, you’ll see the TV Device Manager menu. Hit it.
  3. Next, select Show App List from the menu on the right.
  4. Find the Disney + application, then select Show Details.
  5. From that menu, you can delete data and/or cache.

3. Update Disney+

Update the Disney Plus app if the issue persists with the service not functioning on TV. Find My Apps by opening the Play Store on your television. Verify if Updates Available is listed under Disney+. If so, download those updates and begin broadcasting.

4. Upgrade the TV’s software.

Disney Plus might not be functional if the firmware on your smart TV has not been updated. Update the software in this way, then:

  1. a) Navigate to Menu, Settings, and Support using the TV remote.
  2. b) Select Update Now once you’ve selected Software Update.
  3. c) We’ll download and apply the most recent changes.
  4. d) Please wait for the update to complete before turning off the device since updates frequently take a few minutes to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact Disney+ customer service?

Dial 1-888-905-7888 to contact the customer support team of Disney+. Besides, you can use the online chat feature on the Help page of the service. These support options will help you fix any kind of problem with Disney+.

2. What is the phone number for Disney support?

The phone number for Disney support is 1-888-905-7888. This helpline will get you connected with a live representative. You can also chat live with an agent by visiting the Help page.

3. How do I report a problem on Disney Plus?

To report a problem on Disney Plus, go to Disney+ Help Center home page. Tap the Give Feedback button. It is at the bottom of this page.

4. What is the phone number for Disney mobile?

The phone number for Disney mobile is  1-866-DISNEY2. If you want to buy a Disney mobile, visit

Final Words

Disney Plus customer service is well accessible via phone, email, and chat. You can use one of the various phone numbers listed above to get assistance. Use chat support and Digihubexpert to find answers to common problems. The 24-hour support ensures that you can get past all your issues with the service effortlessly.


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