SBCGlobal Email Attachments Not Downloading | How to Fix

SBCGlobal email attachments not downloading? Not just you, several others go through similar troubles. And there could be several reasons for it. However, today we’ll discuss those problems and their solutions.

So, let’s start with the Trouble first and find its reasons. And once you know the reasons, I’ll give you the answer.


Behind the Reasons SBCGlobal Email Attachments Not Downloading?

Some vital reasons why users complain about SBCGlobal email attachments not downloading are stated below:

  • The firewall of your antivirus software could stop the process whenever you try downloading attachments.
  • Temporary internet files like cache and cookies often fill your computer’s space. And therefore, that might stop your downloading process.
  • If your downloadables have an unknown file format, they might not download due to protection purposes.

How to Fix SBCGlobal Email Attachments Not Downloading

Now that you know the reason, finding the answer is easy. So, let’s find out why is your SBCGlobal email attachments not downloading:

1. Configure the Security Application First

Antivirus software can often restrict you from downloading your attachments. Here’s how you can resolve it:

  • First, open your firewall, and check the box that lets information through the email provider come in.
  • Next, you will find the button for your browser, which you have to right-click and remove the pop-up from blocking.
  • Then, you must find pop-up, ad-blocking, and email-blocking settings and allow all pop-ups from email providers.

2. Clear Out All the Cache

The cache is also a reason why your attachments don’t download. So, here’s how you can clear your cache:

  • First, go to your internet browser > Internet Tool > Options
  • Then, select General followed by Browsing History, and delete. Furthermore, after finishing this process, click “OK”.

P.S. In some browsers, History is located under the Privacy Tab Option. Please remember it.

  • Finally, hit ” Clear all Current History ” Once you’re in the browser history section, Hit “Clear all Current History.” And this will clear your cache.

3. Check Your Security Settings

If your problem still sustains, check your security settings. So, here’s how you can check your security settings:

  • First, locate the security tab once you land on the options tab of your browser.
  • Next, uncheck the “Block Suspicious Email Attachment” box.
  • Finally, try and download your attachments from your email

4. Call the Helpline

If these solutions don’t work for you, then it’s time to connect with the support team. There are various ways to connect their executives, like calling, messaging, and emailing.  So, here are their vital credentials:

  • Phone No for wireless: 8003310500
  • Contact No. for the internet: 8002882020

Frequently Asked Questions

Will their Customer Support Team Resolve My Download Issue?

Yes, SBCGlobal’s customer support team is efficient and thus can help you to resolve your issue. So, if your downloading issue persists, you can contact their customer support team through phone, email or chat for your troubles.

Will My Email Attachment Harm My System?

Why would it harm your system if you receive emails from your trusted source? So, if you have something important to download from SBCGlobal, don’t hesitate. And download whatever you want.

Will Clearing the Cache Solve My Trouble?

Don’t worry; clearing the cache will help you resolve your issue. However, if it doesn’t, call their customer support number, and they’ll do their best to help you.


SBCGlobal email attachments not downloading problem is not security security-threatening problem. Hence, without worry, you can try these easy fixes and solve your problems. So, confidently download whatever you need and continue with your work.

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