How Do I Contact HBO Max Customer Service

HBO Max is one of the top OTP streaming services that people enjoy. But sometimes you may face issues logging in, watching a specific show, activating your subscription or cancelling it. So you will ask: How do I contact HBO Max customer service? The official support number is (855) 942-6669, through which human help is available. Apart from calling, you can write an email to HBO Max at or use the page. Keep reading this post to get all the essential information about contacting HBO Max customer service.

What Is HBO Max Customer Service Number?

The HBO Max customer service phone number for technical support is (855) 942-6669. You can reach out to the support reps by dialing this helpline. Upon dialing it, press 2 to get technical help. Talking with the company representatives is the best way to fix any issues with this streaming service. You can freely ask about any issue you are facing with this number.

Is There An HBO MAX Customer Service Chat?

Yes. HBO Max customer service chat helps you get quick answers to your problems. Access it as follows.

  • To start a conversation with the customer care representative chatbot, navigate to
  • After you click the ‘HBO MAX Chat’ button, the HBO MAX support chatbox will greet you.
  • Fill out the below chat field with your message or concern, then hit Enter.

Additionally, you can upload any file or document to this page to help the chatbot understand your concern.

To enable customer support to verify, make sure you provide your name and email address associated with your HBO MAX account.

When to Contact HBO About an Error?

It is recommended to contact HBO Ma customer service between 10:00 and 23:00, five days of the week and from 12:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. This is also the time to have a live chat. During these hours, the customer care persons will actively take care of your issue.

How Do I Contact HBO Customer Service On The Web

HBO Max provides solutions to various inquiries regarding its services on two specific pages. Visit the following URLS to get assistance with various parts of the service.

1.   Contact Us section

  1. Go to HBO Max’s official Contact Us page at Links to resources where you can receive assistance with various HBO Max service issues can be found here.
  2. If you have problems using HBO MAX, visit
  3. If you have any inquiries concerning HBO NOW, go to
  4. If you have any questions concerning the HBO GO service, visit
  5. Concerns regarding closed captions can be sent to
  6. For questions about copyright infractions, send an email to
  7. For inquiries regarding reading documentary screenings, send an email to
  8. How Do I Contact HBO Customer Service
  9. If you have any questions concerning your cable or satellite HBO subscription, get in touch with your television provider.

2.   Help Center

Additionally, HBO MAX offers solutions and troubleshooting for some problems in its Help Center. Troubleshooting methods for problems with login, using HBO MAX, streaming, account subscriptions, and invoicing are available on the Help page. It offers methodical fixes for many issues.

To locate the answers to your particular questions, you can also use the search form on this page. If any of HBO MAX’s articles have helped solve your problem, you can also click the “Give feedback” button to let them know.

Contact HBO Max Customer Service on Social Media

HBO Max can be found on Facebook and Twitter. This subscription service is available on Twitter under the handle @hbomax. You can look for the service on Facebook by searching for HBO Max’s brand page.

How Can You Connect With HBO Shop Customer Service?

The customer service at HBO Shop is active from Monday to Friday. You can email them your concern and expect a speedy reply. Note that currently, the HBO Shop does not have a customer service phone number. You can only email them.

Besides that, you can raise a ticket. The support team will look into it and respond within a day. But during holidays, they may take more than a day to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you chat on HBO MAX?

Yes, HBO MAX subscribers can use the website of the service to chat with the customer service bot. Locate the QChat option by going to Ask the bot the questions you have, and it will respond.

2. How do I send a message to HBO Max?

Send a message to You can also use live chat to communicate your problem or DM the support person on social media.

3. How do I get a refund from HBO Max?

There is no refund policy at present for subscriptions billed via Max. If there’s an unexpected charge or you get any billing concerns, you must connect with your billing provider.

4. How can I end my HBO MAX subscription?

Navigate to your HBO MAX application. Next, touch your profile. Tap ‘Settings’ and then head to ‘Subscription.’ After that, click ‘Manage subscription.’ Then tap ‘Cancel subscription.’ You can now confirm your preference to cancel the subscription.

5. Why isn’t HBO Max working?

Check whether your internet is working optimally or not. Update the HBO Max app. You can also delete the app cache and cookies.

6. What is going on with HBO Max?

HBO Max has rebranded itself. Now, it is called only Max. Users can use this service with their existing credentials. There is no difference in the price of the service. It remains the same.

Summing up

Dialing the HBO Max customer support number is the best way to resolve your problem. But depending on your issue and preferences, you can also use email and the Help Center. Hopefully, one of these ways will prove adequate for you to fix your concern.


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