Why Do You Keep Experiencing Cash App Payment Pending?

For several reasons, you keep experiencing the Cash App payment pending notification. It could be a slow internet, or you still haven’t updated your Cash App application. Furthermore, it could also be your bank’s fault or the Cash App server’s flaw.

The pending notification on the Cash App is highly irritating. So, taking care of it must be your utmost priority. And this blog is here to assist you with it.

Ways To Get Rid Of Cash App Payment Pending Notification

Users have given various reasons for their Cash App payment pending notifications. Some have stated a lack of funds, while most have stated network issues behind the problem. But, stating the problem is not enough.

One must find a solution to it. So, if you want a real-time solution to this problem, finish reading this article.

1.   Take Care of your Internet Network Connection

The network connection is the most common reason a Cash App payment doesn’t get through. So, because you start stressing out and think, “Why is my Cash App payment pending?” check your internet.

Check your internet, check your WiFi speed, and take your device near the router to ensure a strong connection. If it still doesn’t work, you can call your internet provider.

However, a slow internet will not hold your pending payment for long; your money will get through.

2.   Check The Cash App Status Page

Another reason your payment is not processed could be a poor server on Cash App’s side.

In such a circumstance, please visit and check if the connection is “GOOD TO GO.”

If not, the list will show how many services are working and those that are not. And if the “Send & Receive Money” section does not work, kindly call +1-(800)-969-1940, and report an issue. The Cash App agents will continue their further investigation and ensure to tackle the problem.

3.   Get Verified To Send Send More Money

Cash App limits your transaction amount without a verified account, and you cannot send more than $1,000 each month. So, if you worry about why is a Cash App payment still pending, find out if your limit is over.

If that is the scenario, it would be best to get your ID verified; it’s simple. All you need is a photo ID, social security number, birthday date, and a selfie.

That’s it; your account will be verified, and you can send much more money on the Cash App. So, better verify your account and receive a good treatment by the application.

4.   Unflag Your Cash App Account

Sometimes, it’s purely bad luck, but Cash App seems to put your account under their red alert zone and block it. This can happen if your Cash App account has recently received or sent a large sum of money from malicious accounts.

In such cases, it’s best for you to chat with a Cash App representative and/ or call them on their official number (1-800-969-1940).

To chat with a Cash App agent, do this:

  • Open your Cash App application and tap on the profile icon that looks like a human emoji. You can find it on your profile on the right side.
  • Now select the “Support” option, and find the “Start a Chat and Send Message” option.
  • That’s it, you can chat with the representatives, and they will unflag your account.

5.   It Could Be Your Recipient’s Problem

At times, neither it’s you, or Network or the Cash App; it’s the other person. Your recipient’s account can get flagged due to malicious payments or no account verification.

In such circumstances, you must inform the recipient and ask them to take care of the situation. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be anything you can do, and their payment will never reach them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Cash App payment pending?

There could be several reasons behind your pending notification on the Cash App.

  • Your Network could be down
  • It could be Cash App’s internal problem
  • You might have exceeded your daily sending limits
  • The Cash App could block you or your recipient’s number.

2. How long do pending Cash App payments take?

It can take 2 to 48 hours for a pending Cash App payment to get through. However, if it gets more, you must call the Cash App support at +1-(800)-969-1940 and inquire about the matter.

3. How long can a transaction stay pending?

It can take up to 7 to 10 days for a Cash App payment to stay pending. However, you can take action right after 48 hours. So, if your payment status is pending for more than 2, you must contact the Cash App and ask them to look deep into the matter.

4. Why hasn’t my Cash App payment been received?

You may haven’t received a payment because the Cash App has flagged your account or might have blocked your sender’s account. You can call the application and ask about the matter. Or you can check your user status to learn about the situation.

5. Why hasn’t my Cash App money been deposited instantly?

Your Cash App money could not get deposited instantly, maybe because of Cash App’s server status. Sometimes, even if it’s not your fault, your Cash App payment might not be processed due to the Cash App or your bank’s server.

6. Did my Cash App payment go through?

If money gets deducted and the transaction shows successful on the Cash App application, your payment went through. So, check these two factors to understand if you went through it or not.

7. Can you cancel a pending payment on Cash App?

You can cancel if your recipient’s bank has not accepted the payment. Here’s how you do it:

  • Tap on your transaction, and tap on the “Cancel” option.
  • That’s it; your transaction will be canceled successfully.


The best way to tackle a transfer pending notification on the Cash App is to call the Cash App support and speak to their agents. Their official number is +1-(800)-969-1940. You can also chat with the Cash App and DM them on social media. You can DM the Cash App on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

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