How to ADD Money to Cash App Card at Walgreens – [Complete Guide]

Are you looking for ways to load your cash app card? Do you want to know what the ways to reload cash cards are? Relax! As we have covered all the doubts related to cash app card load here. There are several ways you would find for the purpose to be fulfilled. However, one of the popular ways is loading cards at stores. This is because it helps you load money instantly, without being worried, especially if you’re using it for the first time. And the focus of this blog is the same: How to add money to the Cash App card at Walgreens?

What is Walgreens?

Walgreens is a drug chain store that has been providing its services for decades. It lies under the popular stores that have thousands of visitors regularly. With a variety of products, it has created its market in the USA.

Along with it, due to the cash app’s popularity and people adopting its services, Walgreens has started loading its cash card. It’s an effort to attract customers as much as possible by offering them a card load facility at minimum fees. With years of hard work, Walgreens is a famed name in its domain and is worth $42 billion and still on the count.

How to Add Money to the Cash App Card at Walgreens

It’s so easy! For loading money, you need to step out of your home to reach one of the stores. Get your cash card and money along with you. Meet the cashier and tell him to load the card. Meanwhile, you could be asked for your contact number to check whether you’re a regular user. If not, simply hand over your card as well amount. Then after, he’ll perform the act with the help of a card machine, and within a few minutes, you will be done with the cash card load.

Can I Load Cash onto the Cash App Card At Walgreens

The straightforward answer to this question is Yes, it is completely possible to load money to your cash card at Walgreens. But, the proportion for this is very low. The Cash App, which is a wide financial service provider, lets its users load the card with the help of a bank account. Therefore, those who are experienced users find it a simple and effective process, rather than visiting one of the stores.

On the contrary, those users who do not have much idea about the cash apps, or have no bank linked with the cash apps choose the alternative option: Visiting one of the stores.

Here, you should note that Walgreens, a huge chain shop, demands fees that range from $1 to $4.95. However, you could be charged less if you are a regular user.

How Can You Load Money To Cash App Card At Walgreens?

After all the discussion about cash card loading at Walgreens, here’s the process that you should be following to avoid mistakes.

  • The primary step, if you want to load a cash card at Walgreens, is to visit one of the nearby stores.
  • Navigate to the billing counter and ask for the card load.
  • After that, the cashier will ask for your contact details, confirming whether you’re a regular customer or not.
  • You might get an advantage if you’re a regular customer of Walgreens, in the fees.
  • In case you’re not, you will be paying $4 as a fee charge.
  • Then after, you need to hand over your cash card to the cash app along with the money you want to load your card with.
  • The cashier will load the asked money onto the card, which you can use for your benefits anywhere the Cash Card is accepted.

Is Cash Card Reusable?

A common question swirling nowadays is whether a cash card can be reused or not. Well, the cash app card can be used even if it has zero balance; you need to reload the card at a store or with the cash app.

The rule of “use and throw” doesn’t apply to the cash app card. As soon as your card balance vanishes, you can reload it with whatever amount at multiple stores: Walgreens, Walmart, etc.

How Can You Load Money onto a Cash App Card by Requesting Your Contact?

The method that we’re going to discuss is among the least used, but helpful for sure. In case you have tried loading funds to your cash card using your bank account, or maybe you’re unable to visit one of the stores for the purpose, do not worry as there is another way waiting for you.

In a such critical situation, what you could do is ask your friends or family members to load on your behalf. This is very much an acceptable process for your cash card load.

Below are the steps that would help you to request your cash card load:

  • As usual, click on the green-colored icon printing “$” from your phone’s app list.
  • As soon as it opens, the next is to log in (if not already logged in)
  • Select the “Request” option.
  • Here, you should select the person from whom you want to get your card loaded.
  • After selecting the person, tap on the send request option.
  • You need to wait now for some time unless the result comes.
  • Remember, your request might be rejected by the Contact you chose, depending on different reasons.

Can I top up My Cash App Card Without a Bank Account?

Yes, surely. It is possible to top up your cash card even if you do not have a bank account linked with your cash app. That is not the issue at all! This could be done at any store: Walgreens or Walmart.

However, make sure to know the fee charges before visiting one of the stores to avoid regretting further.

By doing so, you can get your card loaded easily and effectively.


All you need is to take a tour of your nearby Walgreens store, knowing the fee charges. Hand over the card along with the money you wish to load, wait for some time, and collect the loaded card at the end.

Loading cards might be a chargeable process, which varies from store to store.

Talking about alternatives, you can use your cash app for the purpose as well. However, your bank account is mandatory to be linked with the cash app at this point.

Hope this was a straightforward informative blog. You can ask your doubts anytime by calling the 1-800-969-1940 Cash App Support Number.

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