Why Does My Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing – [ Complete Guide]

Are you annoyed just because you’re Yahoo Mail Keep Crashing and as a result of this, you are not able to manage your work-related emails and information? Or don’t you have any idea why Yahoo is malfunctioning and not letting you send and receive emails conveniently? Or have you tried everything to fix the Yahoo error but not reached the solution yet? Then, this blog is for you and you must read it till the end so you can have a clear understating of why this occurs and how it can be resolved without being stressed out. Let’s first have a brief introduction to Yahoo Mail.

Across the world, Yahoo Mail has gained matchless fame and popularity for being one of the reliable email clients that offer secure and effortless mail services to millions of users, which include businesses of all types. With the effective features of Yahoo, users can conveniently send and receive emails to manage business official information. There is not anyone in the world who would be aware of Yahoo and its wonderful features and functionalities. Despite the effortless mail services of Yahoo, what annoys users most about Yahoo is its technical errors that prevent users from operating the Yahoo account smoothly.

Why does Yahoo Mail Keep Crashing? – Reason

If there is some unusual thing about your Yahoo Mail account and due to it, you can not handle your emails easily the way you used to do earlier, then, here below, you can have a look at some valid causes behind this situation.

  • Using an outdated browser could be one of the main causes that restrict Yahoo Mail from functioning well – If you are having hurdles in managing your Yahoo emails then, ensure you are using the latest updated web browser. When you are using an old version of the browser, you are sure to face some technical issues in using the web applications. You can update your browser to the latest version and then, try again to access your Yahoo account.
  • Another possible reason that affects Yahoo’s ability to function well is viruses and malware attacks – make sure you install some anti-virus programs or software to safeguard your Yahoo Mail issues.
  • If your Yahoo account is not working well then, it may be because your “enabled Firewall” is stopping the Yahoo data from loading properly – To fix this, you can disable the firewall on your device so that you can access all your Yahoo features without hassle.
  • There could be a bug in the Android System Webview because of which, you are encountering the “Yahoo keeps crashing” issue.
  • Your device or smartphone memory could be full or insufficient due to this, Yahoo mail is not functioning well. Inadequate memory on your smartphone is also one of the major reasons that cause Yahoo mail errors.
  • Excess app data and cache.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Account Keeps Crashing

1. Update Android System Webview and Chrome

A bug in the Android system web view can cause your Yahoo Mail to function inappropriately. Here, we have provided you with some steps that will assist you in fixing the bug in the Android system review. And once a bug is fixed, you can again try to log into your Yahoo account.

  • To fix a bug in the Android System review, you can go to the “Play Store” app from your smartphone. And tap the “search bar”.
  • Go to the search bar of the Play Store enter “Android System Webview” and tap to search.
  • You will have to tap on the result and find and select “Update”.
  • In case, there is available that “Update isn’t available” then, go to the next step.
  • Enter “Google Chrome” in the search bar and tap “Search”.
  • You can tap on the “Update” option.

2. Adjusting or configuring the privacy settings

You need to configure your device’s “privacy settings” so that you can easily access your Yahoo Mail account effortlessly.

  • You can go to the “Settings” app and tap on “Calendar” present on the page’s left side.
  • Now, here you will have to find and tick the option “Let apps access my calendar”.
  • After modifying the settings, start your device again to see if the settings are getting reverted or not.
  • Now after that, you can try to access your Yahoo Mail account. You can log into your mail account by entering your username and password.
  • In case your Yahoo Mail version is outdated, you can update Yahoo to its current version. After doing this, you can log into your Yahoo account.

3.  Yahoo IMAP and POP Settings are Configured Correctly

When you alter Yahoo IMAP and POP settings, you will face difficulty in handling the Yahoo Mail account for sure. For this, you can create a new Yahoo account. is Yahoo Mail’s IMAP server

  • 993 is the port number
  • Input ‘Yes‘ in front of IMAP TLS/SSL.
  • Your Yahoo Mail ID is your IMAP username
  • Your mail password is your IMAP password is the SMTP server of Yahoo Mail

  • 465 or 585 is the SMTP port number
  • Type ‘Yes’ in front of SMTP TLS/SSL
  • Your Yahoo Mail ID is your SMTP username
  • Your Yahoo Mail password is the SMTP password

4. Removing the App’s junk files and cache memory

In case, Yahoo mail keeps crashing then, you can do one thing – you can remove all the junk files and cache memory of your device so that, all the apps and software can function better. You can see the procedure below to delete junk and cache memory.

  • You can go to your phone’s settings and tap on it.
  • Go down and choose “Apps and Notifications”.
  • Find the Yahoo Mail app and tap Enter.
  • Choose “Storage” from the app menu. Tap on it and select “Clear cache”.
  • After that, find and tap on the “Clear Data” option.
  • Now try to access your Yahoo Mail app.

5. Force Stop And Restart The Yahoo Mail App

  • Go to the phone’s “Settings” app.
  • Find the Yahoo Mail app, select it, and choose ‘Force Stop.’
  • Now restart it and launch the app.

6.  Reinstalling Yahoo Mail Can Also fix Yahoo’s crashing error

This is one of the most common tips used by millions of people when any software or device has some issues. You can uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo Mail app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there issues with Yahoo Mail today?

No, there is no issue reported yet by Yahoo’s officials.

2. Why does my email keep closing the app?

1. Outdated web browser 2. A technical glitch in server 3. Insufficient memory in the phone, etc. You can check the troubleshooting tips above to fix it.

3. Why is my app closing as soon as I open it?

There are some valid reasons such as – The Yahoo server down issue, incompatibility of the device with the Yahoo mail app, insufficient memory of your phone can also cause this error, etc. Get the solutions above to fix this.

4. Why does my email crash on my iPhone?

It can occur due to – technical glitches in the Yahoo app, the phone’s memory being full, incompatibility of the device, etc.

The Last Note!

Why does Yahoo Mail keep crashing? If you are having issues handling your Yahoo account and viewing emails then, it can be because of many valid reasons. Above you can see why Yahoo email errors occur and how users can rectify them with ease.


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