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Have you suddenly encountered a problem while using Facebook and are wondering how you can get help? Facebook is a top social media platform that billions of people use every day. But, not many know how to get help or reach out to someone in the customer support department. They commonly ask how do I contact FB by phone?

Facebook’s customer support number is 650-543-4800. You can dial this number from your phone and talk to a support agent. Other ways to contact Facebook customer service are through the Help Center, live chat (for business users), email, and direct contact forms.

How to Contact Facebook by Phone

One of the ways to contact Facebook directly is through the phone. The official Facebook customer service phone number is 650-543-4800. You can dial it and get further instructions on solving your problem.

The phone number also provides more options for those who want help with their business accounts or are with law enforcement.

How to Contact Facebook Directly with Contact Forms

There are several forms on the Facebook Help Center. You can use anyone according to the issue you are facing. Some of the most frequent problems that can be resolved through forms are given below:

  1. Photo Removal
  2. Disabled account
  3. Name change
  4. Identity confirmation
  5. Changes to the account of a deceased or medically incapacitated individual
  6. Copyright or trademark violation
  7. Email in-use error
  8. Reporting an underage child
  9. Request for child data
  10. Page unavailable error

Use the Facebook Help Center If You Cannot Access Phone Support

To access the Help Center, go to the ‘Help & Support’ menu on Facebook. Tap your profile image and find the ‘Help & Support’ option. It will present you with three different support options. One of them is the Help Center. It contains helpful articles related to all aspects of Facebook. From login to security and every other issue, you will get stepwise resolutions for every concern.

If you find it difficult to locate your issue, use the search tab to type your problems. You will directly access articles related to your specific query.

Besides, users can use the ‘Report a problem’ feature to convey their query to the support team. Navigate to the specific content with which you have a problem and shake your phone. Then, hit the ‘Report a problem’ option. Click ‘Don’t include in the report’ or ‘Include in the report.’ Tell Facebook what you were doing when the issue occurred and hit ‘Send.’

 Facebook Support Chat

For business users, Facebook offers live chat support. It can be accessed through the Commerce Manager.

  1. Log into your business account on Facebook and open Commerce Manager.
  2. Go to the ‘Education’ tab.
  3. Choose ‘Contact Support.’
  4. Choose your issue and describe your problem.
  5. Now, choose ‘Chat’ and select ‘Send.’
  6. A support representative will immediately reply to you.

Apart from chat support, you can also access the Facebook Business Help Center. It offers stepwise instructions to common queries just like the usual Facebook center for personal accounts.

 Facebook Support Email

Facebook has many email IDs. You can choose one from the following to report a specific problem. It may take around one or two days for you to receive a reply through email.

  1. Use for general issues.
  2. Communicate your press-related queries to
  3. Use to appeal for your blocked Facebook content.
  4. Use to address law enforcement concerns.
  5. Report the violation of Facebook guidelines through
  6. Use to find out what kind of data Facebook has about you.
  7. Write to to report phishing content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Facebook’s number for customer service?

Facebook’s phone number for customer service is 650-543-4800. This number gives you directions from a support agent for your specific issue. Apart from this, you can find answers to your questions on the website.

2. Does Meta have a live chat?

Yes, go to to access live chat by Meta. Use the ‘Get Help’ button to chat with a representative.

3. How do you get a live bot on Facebook?

Visit your streamer dashboard and head to the ‘Creative tools’ tab. Go to the live dashboard and tap the ‘Tools & settings’ option. Choose ‘Chatbot’ below ‘Tools.’ From the dropdown, choose a chatbot.

4. Can I contact Facebook about my account being hacked?

You can contact Facebook about your hacked account by going to Here, tap the ‘My account is compromised’ button. On the Find Your Account window, give your mobile number and hit the ‘Search’ option. Facebook will help you restore your account.

Summing up

You can get quick help and support from Facebook by dialing their official customer service number. If you prefer other options for getting support, use the Help Center, direct contact forms, or report a problem option. Business users should make use of the live chat feature for speedy assistance.

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