How to Contact Facebook Phone Number

Have you recently encountered a Facebook problem and are in the dark about whom you can ask for help? You are hardly alone. Facebook is used by numerous people every day which is what makes it a very popular social networking platform. Few people, meanwhile, know how to ask for help or get in touch with customer support. People often inquire, how to contact Facebook phone number when they feel confused.

Facebook customer support via phone is the helpline at 650-543-4800. Any user can use the number to call from their phone and chat with a support agent. Additionally, you can contact Facebook customer service by email, direct contact forms, the Help Center, and live chat (for business users only).

5 Methods to Contact Facebook to Get Instant Support

Making direct touch with Facebook can be accomplished in part by using the phone. The official Facebook phone number is 650-543-4800. Give this number a call if you need more assistance with any issue that is bothering you.

When you call this number, a Facebook support agent will receive you. You may need to navigate some automated prompts at first. But when the support person connects, elaborate on your issue. They ill provide you with stepwise resolutions. Follow them to fix your concern.

The phone number gives more options for those who work in law enforcement. It is also ideal for people who need help with their business accounts.

1. Use Contact Forms for Facebook Customer Service

Now you know what is Facebook phone number. Apart from using it, you can connect with support via direct contact forms. If you’re looking for a direct way to contact Facebook support, use this method.

There are numerous forms available at the Facebook Help Center. You can use anyone, depending on the issue you are experiencing. A selection of the most prevalent problems that can be resolved with forms is shown below:

  1. Elimination of photos
  2. Your account has been disabled
  3. You wish to change your name on Facebook
  4. Verification of your identity
  5. Modifications to the account of a person who is not alive anymore or is otherwise severely ill
  6. Infringement of trademarks
  7. Infringement of copyright
  8. The email is already in use error
  9. Reporting an underaged child or minor
  10. Accessing a child’s information on Facebook
  11. Fixing the ‘Page is not available’ error

There are more contact forms apart from the ones mentioned above. To access them, you can type your issue on the search engine followed by the line ‘Facebook contact form.’

 2. Facebook Help Center

The Facebook Help Center is a valuable resource for getting quick answers to frequently asked questions. All that the user needs to do is select the Facebook Help Center option that appears in the drop-down menu on Facebook. You’ll also receive articles and instructions that are quite helpful when using Facebook.

POINT TO NOTE: You cannot contact the support team via the Help Center. It can, however, allow you access the most common concerns and questions and their answers from the Facebook support team. As a result, you can find the response to your query. To get in touch with Facebook Help Center, take the actions listed below:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Help & Support’ option in Facebook after signing in. This will help you to reach the Help Center.
  2. Tap on your profile picture. Find the ‘Help & Support’
  3. Here, you will see three options for assistance.
  4. The Help Center has informative articles about different aspects of Facebook.
  5. You will get step-by-step solutions for your concerns here. From Facebook security to login issues, it has solutions to all.
  6. If you cannot locate your problem, use the search bar. Type out your concern here and instantly view articles about it.
  7. Additionally, you may connect with the support team via the ‘Report a problem’
  8. This feature needs you to just shake your phone and head to the content or feature that seems problematic.
  9. After that, select ‘Report a problem’ followed by ‘Include in the report’ or ‘Don’t include in the report.’
  10. In the end, tap ‘Send.’ You may also share with the Facebook customer service team about what you did at your end to troubleshoot the issue.

However, if you find that using the Help Center is challenging, we recommend you directly talk to an expert. Just contact Facebook phone number for the same.

3. Facebook Customer Service Chat

Business users on Facebook can begin a live chat anytime. The most common way of chatting with a support agent is through Commerce Manager.

  1. Get into your Facebook business account.
  2. Next, head to the Commerce Manager section.
  3. Select ‘Education’ followed by ‘Contact Support.’
  4. Now, pick your concern.
  5. Give a brief description of your problem.
  6. Next, tap ‘Send.’
  7. After that, pick the ‘Chat’ option.
  8. The Facebook business support agent will start conversing with you.

You can also get assistance through the Facebook Business Help Center in addition to chat support. It offers detailed answers to often-asked questions, much like Facebook’s standard center for personal accounts. Additionally, to quickly and directly interact with an agent, call 650-543-4800.

4.  Facebook Email Support

There is no specific Facebook support email address. You can send your inquiries to one of the many addresses according to your issue. The major support addresses are as follows:

  1. Write to for general questions.
  2. Send your concerns about press-related issues to
  3. If you find restricted Facebook content, write to
  4. Any issues with law enforcement can be sent to
  5. Report the violation of Facebook policies by writing an email to
  6. If you wish to know what information Facebook has about you, write to
  7. To inform about phishing content, send your message to

POINT TO NOTE: It should be noted that emailing Facebook will not result in a prompt response. Call Facebook customer service number 650-543-4800 to get your issue handled as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you talk to a live person on Facebook?

Contact Facebook phone number 650-543-4800 to talk to a live person. Through this number, you will receive technical help from a real support agent.

2. How can I contact Facebook by phone?

You can contact Facebook support by phone by dialing 650-543-4800. This number connects you to a support representative who listens to your concerns and gives you resolutions.

3. Can I chat with Facebook customer service?

Yes. You can chat with Facebook customer service. To do so, go to You will access the Facebook for Business Help page. After navigating to the ‘Still Need Help?’ area, click the Chat icon.

4. How do I contact Facebook if I can’t access my account?

Visit It is the Find your account’ page which gives you certain directions. Make sure to open Facebook on a computer or phone that you have previously used. Now, look for the account you cannot access. Use your name, email address, or phone number to find this account.

Summing up

Calling the Facebook support number, chatting with a support agent through the Meta live chat, and using direct contact forms are some of the best ways to get support. You can also use the Facebook Help Center if you want to fix your problem yourself.

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