How Do I Contact Hulu Customer Service – EXPLAINED!

Do you find your videos on Hulu freezing or error codes, or do you simply doubt your plan? If so, the question of how do I contact Hulu customer service will be raging in your mind.

Hulu has several options to assist. You may dial 855-738-6978, the support number, or use chat support. There are also various customer service emails that help troubleshoot various issues. The Hulu support team replies within minutes. Scroll down to understand different ways to get in touch with Hulu.

Get Help With Hulu Customer Service Number

There are several numbers via which you can get Hulu support. Use 855-738-6978 if you have problems with your personal information. The helpline if you cannot log into Hulu is 1-888-631-4858. Do you want to file a DMCA with the service? Companies, web hosts, major search engines, or internet service providers can be notified that they are hosting or linking to content that violates copyright by sending a DMCA takedown notice or a DMCA request. The Hulu customer service telephone number to file a DMCA is (818) 560-1000.

You can also request a callback from a representative with these steps.

  1. Visit and login.
  2. Now, find the phone contact page of Hulu. It will be at the bottom of your account.
  3. Here, locate the ‘Get in touch’ button and tap it.
  4. Head over to the ‘Phone’ tab.
  5. Here, use the dropdown menus and pick the problem you are facing.
  6. There are various topics in the menus for which you will get assistance. These include:
  • Using Hulu
  • Managing your subscriptions and payments
  • Configuring the Hulu service
  • Using the Hulu app
  • Video playback
  • Content availability
  1. Lastly, after selecting the appropriate option from the menus, briefly but clearly state the nature of your concern.
  2. Make sure you use no more than 255 characters to describe your issue to the support agent.
  3. Press the ‘Submit’ button now.
  4. A new screen will be displayed to you. There will be a phone number on this.
  5. The numbers that you will discover are 1-888-265-6650 and 1-888-631-4858.
  6. The anticipated wait time will be included in addition to these figures.
  7. Enter your phone number. Then press the Submit button if you would rather not wait.

How to Contact Hulu Customer Service Chat

Do you want to talk to the support team without using the Hulu customer service phone number? Carry out a live chat with a Hulu support agent with these points.

  1. Open on your desktop computer or smartphone.
  2. You can find a variety of subjects, queries, and responses here.
  3. To access the ‘I still need help‘ button, scroll down this page.
  4. If you tap on it, several ways to contact customer support will appear.
  5. You have the option to initiate a live chat or converse with the HuluBot.
  6. Only simple questions will be addressed by the automated services if you select the HuluBot option.
  7. Select the ‘Chat’ option if you would like to have a live chat conversation with someone at Hulu.
  8. Type your messages into the chat window and select ‘Start Chat.’
  9. The query description can’t be longer than 255 characters.
  10. You need to be more specific about the problem you are having.
  11. Clicking the ‘Chat Now’ button will forward your question to a Hulu support representative.
  12. Your problem will be assisted by a live agent in the chat window that appears.

How to Send an Email to Hulu Support

Hulu offers various emails to address users’ different concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, you can send an email to a Hulu customer service email address.

  1. For any questions you may have about getting your content added to the streaming service, send an email to
  2. You should send any privacy-related concerns to
  3. Send an email to with any questions about the press or media.
  4. Contact Hulu at with any legal questions.
  5. Contact with any claims of copyright infringement.
  6. Email with any questions you may have about distributing Hulu content.

Is Hulu Customer Service 24 Hour?

Yes. Hulu provides 24/7 customer service to all its users. The call center in California works seven days a week. Use the Hulu customer service telephone number to talk to a live person anytime. In addition, use chat support or send an email about your concern. You will get a prompt response from the support team.

The Process To Contact Hulu Support For Content Accessibility

Contact the customer service team at 513-435-0750 or send an email to with the subject line “Disabled Access.” This will help you if you are experiencing trouble viewing or navigating the content on their website. Call the support number given above if you notice any content or feature that you believe is not fully accessible to people with disabilities. Kindly describe the specific feature you feel is not fully accessible or give suggestions for improvement.

Hulu support takes the comments of users seriously. They do their best to meet the needs of all of the customers and their general accessibility guidelines.

Use the Hulu Help Center to Get Quick Support

The Hulu Help Center has many valuable resources. These resources can be used to understand the service and resolve issues. The Help Center also provides tech support to users.

If you have issues with using Hulu, payments, managing subscriptions, configuring the service, and channels or any related problem, use the support page.

  1. Navigate to on any device.
  2. Now log into your account.
  3. Hover the mouse at the top-right. A dropdown will open, and you can tap ‘Help Center.’
  4. Here, scroll down and pick the ‘Contact Us’ button.
  5. Tap the ‘Get in Touch’ button.
  6. The next page will show you solutions to various Hulu problems.
  7. Tap on any topic, and it will open more subtopics related to it.
  8. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to find an answer. Just tap the ‘I still need help’ button.

Hulu Customer Service For Cancellation Of The Service

The toll-free customer service number for canceling Hulu is 888-265-6650. An agent is on duty around the clock so you can call this number anytime. When you call to cancel your subscription, there may be a brief wait.

Use these steps to cancel Hulu by yourself:

  1. Visit
  2. Click login, then enter your password and username
  3. Choose Account from the dropdown menu
  4. Scroll down to Cancel.
  5. Click Continue to confirm your cancellation.
  6. Select the button to close your membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I talk to someone on Hulu?

Dial 855-738-6978 to talk to a support representative at Hulu. You may also go to the chat page on to get speedy assistance. Sign in and tap ‘Get in touch.’ After that, use the ‘Chat’ tab to get help.

2. What is the number for 1-888-265-6650?

1-888-265-6650 is the number for Hulu customer service. It is also the Hulu Help Center number that allows users to recover their usernames and the rest of their account passwords.

3. How do I pay for my Hulu subscription?

Log in to your Account page on your Hulu and go to the ‘Payment Information’ section. Choose ‘Update Payment’ and add your payment method. Save the changes. Now, you can pay your Hulu bill.

4. Where do I cancel my Hulu subscription?

You need to log into your Hulu account to cancel the subscription. Tap ‘Account’ followed by ‘Cancel.’ You will be asked to pause the subscription, but if you want to cancel it, tap the option to terminate the plan.

Concluding Words

We hope that all your doubts about contacting Hulu customer service have been answered. You may dial the support number, use online chat, or send an email anytime. Besides, go through the Hulu Help Center and locate your problem. Since the support is open 24 hours, you won’t face any delay in resolving a problem.


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