How to Log Into Old SBCGlobal Email – RESOLVED!

Are you trying to access a very old SBCGlobal email account? You may wonder if it is possible to do so. The good news is that there is a way to get back into your account if you want to start using it again. To do so, you need to use the security question method.

Through this method, you can create a new password easily. In this post, we’ll explain how to log into old SBCGlobal email. Further, you will also find out what to do when this email is not working.

How Do You Get Back Into an Old SBCGlobal Email Account

Here’s a proven procedure to get back to your SBCGlobal email that you haven’t used in a while. Use these steps:

  1. Navigate to the AT&T recovery page.
  2. You will find it a bit alarming that you are going to the AT&T page when your email ID is that of the SBCGlobal email. This is because AT&T now owns the SBCGlobal email.
  3. On the recovery page, input your SBC email credentials.
  4. After that, head to the ‘Restore’ section. Here, you will be given various recovery options.
  5. It’s better to go with the security question recovery method if you know the right answer to it.
  6. Input the answer that you gave while creating your old SBCGlobal email.
  7. After choosing this option, answer the question. If it matches your old SBCGlobal email, you will be given a link to create a new password.
  8. Through this password, you can log into your AAT email.

How to Log Into Old SBCGlobal Email With a Temporary Password

Another way to access your old SBCGlobal email is with the help of a temporary password. Follow these steps to use such a password.

  1. Navigate to the official website of the AT&T service.
  2. Head to the ‘Password Recovery’ option.
  3. Now, tap ‘Send me a temporary password.’
  4. You will see a box. Here, fill out an alternative email address.
  5. Open your email account. You’ll see an email for a temporary password.
  6. Now, head back to the password recovery section.
  7. Put in your email address, followed by a temporary password.
  8. Ensure to change this password quickly because it will expire within a few minutes.

Fix SBCGlobal Email Not Working in 2024

If Your SBCGlobal Email Not Working in 2023 because of reasons like poor internet, wrong browser settings, incorrect email configuration, and a firewall. Use these simple techniques to make your email work and exchange messages.

  1. Check how strong is your internet strength. It should be adequate so you can log into your account and send and receive messages.
  2. Find out if AT&T servers are working. If the server status is down, SBCGlobal email will not work. You need to wait until the servers become functional.
  3. Clear the browsing data of your browser. Also, delete cached images and files. This will optimize your browser, and your SBCGlobal email will start working.
  4. Check whether you have configured the correct AT&T email settings. The incoming port number is 993, while the outgoing port is 465 or 587. SSL is needed while configuring the settings.
  5. Restart your device. Sometimes, minor glitches disappear after you restart the device that you use to access SBCGlobal email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SBCGlobal still active?

SBCGlobal has been discontinued. It has been taken over by AT&T Mail. You can now sign up at AT&T Mail and use this service.

2. Which mail server does SBCGlobal use?

The inbound server name of the SBCGlobal email is The outbound server name of SBCGlobal email is You must use this setting when configuring your email in a third-party email application.

3. How do I log into my SBCGlobal email on my phone?

You can log into your SBCGlobal email on your iPhone by going to ‘Settings.’ Tap ‘Passwords & Accounts.’ Now, tap ‘Add account.’ Tap ‘Other’ and input your data. You can now set up and start using SBCGlobal email on your iPhone.

4. What is the size limit for SBCGlobal emails?

25M is the size limit for SBCGlobal emails. If your emails exceed this size, they will not go over to your recipient.

Final Words

Now you know exactly how to log into the old SBCGlobal email. Use the security question method and get back into your account. You must know the answer to this question. You can always connect with the support team if any problems arise.

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