How Do I Contact Meta On Instagram? Best Ways To Get Help

How do I contact Meta on Instagram? To contact Meta, dial 650-543-4800. You can talk to an agent and fix issues about your meta-verified business profile anytime using phone support. But this isn’t the only way to get help. You can get support by signing into your Instagram app. The Get Support option lets you seek help for absolutely any issue.

The Meta Verified Business Help Center is another helpful method. It has detailed articles on topics like managing payments, payment, privacy, and general troubleshooting. Scroll down and learn all about contacting Meta on Instagram.

5 Ways To Contact Meta On Instagram

You can contact Meta on Instagram for any problem using these ways:

1.   Call Meta Verified Customer Service Number

If you want to call Meta on Instagram, dial 650-543-4800. Through this helpline, you can talk to a real representative. The specialist will answer all your concerns about your business account.

Be it verification issues, payment problems, or Instagram’s performance, you’ll get effective support from the specialist. If no one answers your call, use the other support mediums described below.

2.   Start Meta Support Chat From Meta Business Suite

Get answers to your questions by starting an Instagram support chat. To do so, visit Meta Business Suite.

  1. Enter the credentials for your verified business account at
  2. On the left menu, select Settings.
  3. From the menu on the left, select Meta Verified and then Contact Support.
  4. Click Select Issue from the menu on the right, then choose the issue you need help with.
  5. To choose the business asset or assets you require support for, click Select Asset.
  6. Choose the desired level of support by clicking Get help.
  7. Please provide a thorough explanation of the problem in the message box.
  8. To attach a visual representation of your problem, click Add a screenshot or video (optional).
  9. To begin a chat, click Start Chat.

3. Browse The Meta Verified Business Help Center

Are you a verified business on Instagram? If you want help with something, visit the Help Center. The Meta Verified Business Help Center is a great resource for troubleshooting guides. You can find a topic related to your issue and use the solution mentioned.

  1. Go to
  2. Now browse through the sub-topics under various topics.
  3. Click on a specific topic related to your problem.
  4. You will see links for in-depth explanations of different issues.
  5. Keep clicking the different links to gain a deep understanding of your problem and its solution.
  6. If you cannot find a suitable solution, dial the Meta Help Center Instagram number 650-543-4800.

4. Write to Meta Verified Support Email

How do you write an email to Meta? Here are some email addresses where you can send in your concerns in writing.

  1. Write to to reset passwords, retrieve compromised or disabled accounts, or access protected pages.
  2. To resolve problems with your data, please contact
  3. Use the email about anything that violates the Facebook Community Standards.
  4. Write to with any posts or communications that seem to be phishing attempts for information.
  5. For assistance with Facebook advertising-related issues, send an email to

5. Report A Problem To Instagram

Do you want to contact Instagram about a problem? Follow these steps.

  1. To access your profile, tap on the photograph of your profile located at the bottom right.
  2. In the upper right region, select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Click Help, below the More info and support option.
  4. Click on Report a Problem.

Shaking your phone will also launch the Report a problem window. You will see that the window contains a screenshot from when you shook your phone. Based on what you report, it’s likely that the support person will see it and fix the issue.

How To Get Help With A Hacked Instagram Account?

To get Meta support for an Instagram hacked account, visit the page on your browser. Tap the My account was hacked option from the list and press Next. Enter your username in the field and tap Next. Instagram will try to find your account and secure it.

Another way to get help with a hacked Instagram is to request a login link from Instagram. Follow these points.

  1. Select Get help with logging in from the login screen.
  2. After entering your account’s username, email address, or phone number, click the Send log in link.

Note: Go to this page and follow the on-screen instructions if you are unable to access the login, email ID, or phone number linked to your account.

  1. To verify that you are a genuine person, complete the CAPTCHA and then click Next.
  2. To log in, click the link provided in your email or SMS message, then follow the prompts on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact Meta customer service?

Dial the Meta verified customer service number 650-543-4800 or use the Help Center to get assistance. You can also start a chat on Meta Business Suite anytime.

2. How do I speak to Instagram support?

Contact Instagram from your phone at 1-650-543-4800. You may use the Instagram Help Center to find answers to common issues.

3. Can Meta help with Instagram problems?

The Meta support team and moderators do not assist with account issues related to Instagram. Their assistance is limited to product inquiries, Meta account problems, and Meta product-related inquiries.

4. How do I contact Instagram about a problem?

To contact Instagram about a problem, dial 1-650-543-4800. Alternatively, go to the Instagram Online Help Center to find answers. If you are a Meta verified business, use the Meta Verified Business Help Center page.

Concluding Words

Now you know how to contact Meta on Instagram. Do it through the helpline, chat, or send an email. The Help Center is also a great way to dig deep and find the causes and solutions to various problems. Use these ways and let us know which ones proved effective.

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