How to Contact Instagram Support via Phone Number & Chat

If you don’t know how to contact Instagram support or are confused about it, call +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300. These are the official number of Meta and sure-shot answers to all your questions.

Meta’s official number will help you if you want to report online abuse or unblock your account. But that’s not all; you can chat with Instagram and register a complaint through your app.

How to Contact Instagram Support

According to popular public opinion, the best way to contact Instagram is through Meta’s phone number. Meta’s phone number is +1-(650)-543-4800 and +1-(650)-308-7300. You can use any of these numbers to seek help for your problems.

However, a majority also likes to communicate with Instagram through chat. And some simply want to report content they find abusive instead of directly communicating with Meta.

Below is all the information regarding Instagram support:

1. Instagram Support Phone Number

You can contact Meta support at +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300 for the problems you face over Instagram. And you can call this number at any point of the day. Yes, you heard it right; Meta phone support is open 24/7.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any problems when it comes to Instagram. However, please remember that you must be courteous while speaking to a live Meta agent.

As they are an integral part of Meta’s customer service team, Meta takes their respect very seriously. Hence, Meta might restrict your account for several days if you seem impolite.

2.  Instagram Support Chat

You can also chat with Instagram support via Meta. But you can do it only when you have a verified Meta business account.

Hey, so here’s how you can contact them:

  • Go to your Instagram app and visit your profile.
  • Once on your profile, you will find the three horizontal lines on your account’s top right side, and if you tap it, you will see a series of options.
  • From these options, select the “Settings and Privacy” option
  • Once in the zone, you will automatically notice the “Help” option under the More Info and Support subsection.
  • Now click the “Help” option, and from there, go to the “Help Center.”
  • Finally, once you are in the Help Center, find the “Looking for Something” heading, and underneath that, you will find the Instagram for Business option.
  • That’s it! Click the Instagram for Business option to take you to the Meta Help Center.
  • There, you will find the “Start a Chat” button, and below it, a link will appear, tap it, and the chat window will appear. Now, start chatting.

But if you are not a business account holder, you can still chat with Instagram customer service.

Yes, you hear me right! Visit Instagram’s account and the app, and directly message the support team on Instagram.

The official handle of Instagram is @instagram!

3.  Directly Report Content That You Find Abusive

This is the most basic way to contact or inform Instagram about your grievances. If you’re on Instagram and find something vulgar or offensive, you can directly report it.

If Instagram finds it offensive and against their community standard, they will surely take it down.

Now, you might wonder, “But how do you report content?” Well, hold your horses, I will tell you right now:

  • Open your Instagram account and find the content that you find repulsive or something that spreads hate.
  • You will find three vertical dots on the right side, above the content.
  • Yes, tap them, and a list will come up.
  • Now, find the “Report” word in Red and tap on it.
  • Instagram will ask for a reason for your reporting and provide a huge list of options.
  • Please select the most suitable one, click it, and then OK.
  • That’s it. Your reporting is complete, and Instagram will let you know if they’ve flagged the content or not.

The reasons for which you can report content are:

  1. An account trying to bully you online
  2. Lewd content sent to you over Instagram
  3. Someone posing as a celebrity trying to scam you
  4. Hate speech against another ethnic community

However, kindly remember that Meta community guidelines are a joke for normal users, as they’re quite archaic. Moreover, Instagram guidelines care least about women’s safety.

Hence, it is best to call Instagram at +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300 and directly speak to a support agent. They will solve all your woes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Instagram support?

Call +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300 and get on a live call with a Meta assistant. You can also chat with Meta support to resolve your issues with Instagram business accounts.

How do I contact Instagram support 2023?

The best way to contact Instagram support in 2023 is through phone. Call +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300, talk to one of our live agents. They will do everything to resolve your issues.

Why can’t I get into my Instagram?

Either your profile has a mass report, or your account has been hacked. Please immediately call +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300, and get help. Don’t let hackers take away your precious memory.

Why am I locked out of Instagram for no reason?

If you get locked out of Instagram all of a sudden without your knowledge, that means your account has been hacked. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Meta support through a call at +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300, and place a complaint.


So, this blog was about eliminating your confusion regarding contacting Instagram support. One last time, you can call Instagram on their Meta support number +1-(650)-543-4800 or +1-(650)-308-7300, or chat with them. You can also directly message Instagram for assistance in filing a report.

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